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Our Story

How it al started and where we are today

since 1996


Rubytec is a travel accessory brand that was founded in 1996 with a passion for travel and a mission to make the experience more convenient. Our brand was born out of the need for high-quality, practical travel essentials that would make life on the road easier and more comfortable.

Our story begins with the introduction of our first product, high-quality microfiber towels, designed to be compact, lightweight and quick-drying, perfect for any traveler on the go. Over the years, the brand has continued to evolve, expanding its product line to include a range of innovative accessories.

One of the key products in the brand’s line-up is a range of lights that don’t require batteries, making them the perfect choice for travelers who are looking for a reliable and eco-friendly lighting solution. Additionally, the brand has introduced a range of durable and reusable stainless steel drinking bottles and thermos bottles, designed to keep beverages hot or cold for hours on end.

The latest addition to the brand’s product range is a range of coffee products, perfect for coffee lovers who are always on the go. From compact and portable coffee makers to reusable coffee cups, this newest product group is designed to make it easy and convenient to enjoy a great cup of coffee no matter where your travels take you.

At the heart of the brand’s story is a passion for travel and a commitment to making the travel experience more convenient and enjoyable for all. With over 25 years of experience, Rubytec continues to bring innovative and practical products to the market. Our love for travel and commitment to innovation continue to drive us forward, and we are proud to be a trusted brand for travelers around the world.

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